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Subject: Going for it 3DISCLAIMER:This is a story. None of the characters in the story exist and the events
that take place are purely imaginary.WARNING:Do not read this story if you are amature pre-teens in any way offended by acts of a
homosexual nature.Do not read this if you are under the legal age for accessing adult sites.Always indulge in safe sex.GOING FOR IT - 3John's dilemmaJohn was in something of a dilemma. The nearer Mr Graham came towards him
the more dirty pre-teen convinced he was that his teacher was the guy from the toilet.
John's mind was also convincing his dick, which was beginning to increase
in size inside his underwear. He would like to have a second chance to suck
the history's teacher's prick but the unwritten code of the park toilet was
that nobody indicated outside its walls that they knew any of the people
they pre-teen hardcore
met inside. Furthermore John might just be wrong and to try to
confront a teacher would lead to his possible expulsion from school and at
best public exposure as a cock sucking cum loving teenage. As his friend
Mark had by now concluded the copying of his homework, John had to make a
quick decision about what to do. Grabbing his homework back and stuffing it
into his bag John told his pre-teens sex pics friend that he needed to pop into the toilets
for a piss. Mark nodded and watched his friend disappear into the nearest
boys' toilet. Once inside John headed for the first cubicle, locked the
door, unzipped his fly and pulled out his hardening cock. No time for
ceremony, he needed to get off quickly, so John rapidly pulled his foreskin
back and forth over his flared head and felt the wonderful sensation in his
balls as his spunk rose. In his mind's eye John could still see his history
teacher's cut prick moving in and out of the glory hole at the park and
filling his pre-teen masturbation pic
mouth with hot cum. Then his own cock began to pulse and expand
as he shot a load of warm teen cream into his hand and amature pre-teens proceeded to lick
his love juice into his mouth. He was just in time as the bell for the
first class of the day was ringing as he unbolted the door, washed his
hands and ran to registration.Mark looked at his friend slightly as he walked in the door and whispered
knowingly,"That was a long piss, mate. I bet you had a wank thinking of some bird or
other or just envying my fortune from last weekend. I pre-teen nudists sites
saw you getting hard
as I told you about my ace session on Saturday pre-teen models top 100 night!"John grinned at his friend and said,"Guilty, your honour."But the ace session John was thinking about was not the one that Mark
imagined he was doing. Indeed John's attention hardly remained on his work
for the rest horny pre-teen nude of the morning, as he could not get the image of his teacher's
prick out of his head. He nearly had to wank off again at break but
restrained himself, particularly as Mark was still keen to talk about some
school play issue that he needed John to help out with. Fortunately he did
not have another history class with Mr Graham until later in the week.By lunchtime, things had calmed a bit and John had decided on a strategy.
He would leave a message for the man he believed to be Mr Graham in the
toilets and see if he came back again. He would do it that very afternoon
after school. His resolve was slightly shattered at lunch because David
Graham was the teacher presiding over the lunch time duty. The history
teacher was sitting on a table raised up from the rest and John not having
noticed at first now found himself with a full frontal view of
trouser-covered crotch. Once again John's cock began to develop signs of
overheating and he asked one of the others on the pre-teen erotic pictures
table if they could
change places explaining that he owed Mr Graham an essay and he did not
want to catch his eye.Sat on his raised table, Mr Graham was also preoccupied. His mind was also
fixed lesbian pre-teen adult on the previous Saturday when an unknown person had sucked him off in
a park toilet. What could he have been thinking about? He knew about the
park and its toilets, almost everyone in the town did and yet he had still
gone to a place where anyone might have seen him. Here he was a popular and
successful teacher and destined for higher things. What he hairy pre-teen pussies
had done so
rashly on Saturday could have ruined him and led to his disgrace and
dismissal. He had been fortunate not to be caught and he was resolved not
to go there again. Apart from anything else he didn't need to do so. He
could get his fill of looking at albeit flaccid teenage dicks during
showers after games and he had the real thing to look forward to when he
went to visit his former pupil in Oxford. During holidays he could visit
London to do research on his text book and visit the free nude pre-teen girls
several cinemas in
Soho where he could enjoy uninhibited and anonymous sex, just as he did in
Amsterdam or Paris during the summer holidays. No, he decided, the park was
a mistake and would not happen again.As he ate his lunch the history teacher looked round the dining hall and
his eyes first fell on Damian Biggs, a young man in his year 12 A-level
history set. Damian was an amiable lad and seemed to be more than
interested in other boys when David had seen him in the showers. (David did
not know then that this was a boy who frequently nude pre-teen pics
visited the park toilets
and enjoyed having people cum over his face, nor did he know that David and
John had become quite regular sex partners there.) For the time being David
was content to observe Damian and hopefully seduce him at a later
date. Moving on the teacher soon found himself looking at John Markham, a
boy in his GCSE class. This handsome boy appeared to be trying to avoid the
teacher's eyes, probably because he owed an essay. (David was unaware of
the real reason for John's desire to avoid his eyes and had he done so, he
would have been both pleased and concerned.)As he sat looking in John's direction, David hoped that the good-looking
boy who was also a good student would seriously consider doing A-level
history the following year. Whether he did or did not, David Graham was
beginning to feel lustful thoughts towards this younger teenager. However,
he would have to pre-teen ls-island
wait and see and in any case there was still the
possibility if not the probability that Damian Biggs would follow in the
footsteps of Paul Stevens, the first ex-pupil (now at Oxford) that David
had had sex with.David finished his lunch quickly but before he got up from the table he
moved a hand to his trousers to adjust the growing bulge there was there.
As it happened at that very moment John had stood up as well and got a full
view of his teacher's 'under the table' action. John needed no further
proof of his suspicions about David Graham and felt his own cock beginning
to pre-teen model search engine
swell. John quickly pre-teens porno gratis left the dining hall in search of a toilet where he
could wank himself off. However, as he entered the little nude pre-teen girls toilets, John thought
his plan for trying to get to David Graham and decided to save his ball
juice until he got to the park. Even if his history teacher wasn't there,
there would always at the park toilets with whom he could share his cum.To be continued...If you liked this story, please let me know.Contact me at
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